Southern Bleacher Staff, Sales Department, & Contact Information

Southern Bleacher prides itself on the quality of our people, many of whom have been with the company for decades. In fact, that's one of the key advantages to partnering with us: Your salesman will not only be the person you work with at the start, but he'll also be your project manager at every stage of the process, and just like our bleachers, he'll provide that same reliable service for years to come.

Our salesmen have unmatched expertise in their work - an ingrained familiarity with every detail from design to fabrication to the actual build. Give them an hour, and they'll tell you more about bleachers than you thought there was to know.

But the expertise doesn't stop there. They're also civil and mechanical and electrical engineers, geologists, chemists - men who understand load support, galvanization, topography, power supply, and other technical and scientific project factors like few others can.

Because Southern Bleacher has near-zero turnover, they're also men who have worked together for years, giving us the most close-knit team in the industry. And because we trust them 100%, each operates with a high level of independence, empowered to make the decisions that keep your project moving forward.


Wyatt Pettus (Owner) - Bleacher

Wyatt Pettus

Garrett Pettus (Owner) - Bleacher

Garrett Pettus


David Norman (Management) - Bleacher

David Norman

David Proctor II (Management) - Bleacher

David Proctor II

Corey Gober (Management) - Bleacher

Corey Gober

Lee Ann Stansell

Lee Ann Stansell

Randy Wray (Management)

Randy Wray

Project Management

Justin Campbell (P/L) - Bleacher

Justin Campbell

Cory Wimberley (P/L) - Bleacher

Cory Wimberley

Quentin Terrell (P/L) - Bleacher

Quentin Terrell

Randy Milhollon (P/L) - Bleacher

Randy Milhollon



Reece Rogers

Linc Darrow (Sales) - Bleacher

Linc Darrow

Jeff Dickinson (Sales) - Bleacher

Jeff Dickinson

David McClendon (Sales) - Bleacher

David McClendon


Andy Smith

Chandler Cruse (Sales) - Bleacher

Chandler Cruse


Logistics Coordinator


Kyle Dunagan

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