Interlock 2000 Stadium Decking System

Southern Bleacher created the original interlock decking system - an innovation we developed for Boston College in 1991 when our Research and Development team delivered a solution for fully controlling water and liquids to prevent them from draining below or out the front of the stadium.

While Southern Bleacher has always taken a conservative approach to materials and design - being careful to adopt only what will stand the test of time - the Interlock innovation, the team came back with was a clear winner from day one, and was implemented immediately.

Since then, others have copied our interlock design, but the original-continually updated - is still the best.

Advantages of Interlock 2000 Stadium Decking

  • Our most rigid-feeling decking system - the feeling of walking on solid concrete
  • Moisture control - liquid drains through planks into a channel system integrated into the plank design; the liquid can then be directed to drainage or collection below the stadium
  • As with our tongue and groove decking, L-shaped mounting brackets create more space under seats for personal items
  • All seat hardware is accessible from the deck side of the stadium - no need for under-structure ladders or boom trucks for routine maintenance
  • While welded-deck systems can buckle and break at the seams as temperatures shift, Interlock 2000 stadium decking keeps planks connected while letting them expand independently without compromising rigidity or drainage. 

The Interlock 2000 Stadium Decking Configuration

In a normal tongue and groove system, the male edge of one plank fits into the female edge of the adjacent plank, creating a rigid connection.

Interlocking deck exampleAs shown here, the Interlock 2000 system also uses a tongue and groove configuration, modified so that the weight of the plank actually further secures the connection.

At the same time, a gutter channel positioned below the male and female joint runs the full length of each plank, catching any liquid draining through the planks and then directing that moisture as desired from underneath the stadium.

The channel also serves as a brace between planks, locking down any back-front movement.

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