Vertical Picket Rail Stadium Fencing

Southern Bleacher's vertical rail stadium fence, also called vertical picket rail, gives your stadium, bleacher or grandstand a clean, finished look that fans, teams and their sponsors love.

Like all of our choices for stadium fence, our vertical rail meets nationwide safety requirements for height and load. Our customers often choose vertical rail to enhance their highest-traffic stadium areas, such as entrance and exit ramps, but it can be used throughout your bleachers in full compliance with construction codes.

Advantages of Vertical Rail Stadium Fence

The benefits of Southern Bleacher vertical rail fence include:

  • A finished, attractive profile from in the stands or on the street, conveying professionalism and team pride.
  • Limitless color options – match your seating or risers, match team colors, or mix and match as you like.
  • Available in natural steel or aluminum finishes or anodized black – a low-maintenance choice that virtually "disappears" as spectators watch your game or event.
  • Can be used in selective areas or anywhere fencing is required throughout your stadium – meets all safety and load requirements.

Choose Your Vertical Rail: Aluminum or Steel

Southern Bleacher vertical rail stadium fence is available in either aluminum or steel:

  • Aluminum vertical rail is offers the most refined finish and is available with a clear or black anodized finish or with our lasting Dur-kyn paint finish in any color – the same painting technology used on airplanes and automobiles.
  • Galvanized steel vertical rail is our most cost-effective picket rail stadium fence, with the same aesthetic profile as our aluminum vertical rail but in a zinc finish.

Vertical Rail Coatings & Finishes

See how you can customize the look of your vertical rail with our steel and aluminum finishes and coatings.

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