Bleacher Coatings and Finishes

Aluminum and steel stadium components - rails and fencingbenches, risers, and treads can all be left unfinished or finished with a variety of technologies and coatings.

Based on decades of experience and unmatched expertise, Southern Bleacher will help you understand all your finishing options and select the best choice for your needs and budget.

Steel Coatings

Southern Bleacher uses steel for stadium support structures and, in many cases, for fencing or railing. Where it makes sense, galvanizing or duplex coating (galvanizing plus paint) enhances the look and durability of steel. Vinyl coating is also a great way to enhance steel chain link fencing.

Aluminum Coatings

With just a mill finish, Southern Bleacher aluminum is a cost-effective choice for walkways. For other surfaces, anodized aluminum protects against temporary stains while painted aluminum brings high-impact color to risers, backrests, fences, and rails.

For walkways, traction finishes make our exclusive serrated tread extrusions even more slip-resistant.

Download a full list of color choices for your riser boards and backrests »


As the leading producer of extruded aluminum stadium decking systems, benches and rails, Southern Bleacher knows aluminum coatings and aluminum finishes like nobody else.


As our standard of quality, Southern Bleacher's support structures are always galvanized. For any steel component, you have the option to choose galvanized steel or add color with our duplex coating process.

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