Chain Link Stadium Fencing

Chain link is the most economical choice for stadium fences – an attractive, low-maintenance and low-cost solution for any bleacher or stadium.

Our chain link fences are square mesh with "knuckle-to-knuckle" finishes, which means all steel tips are folded over and down, leaving nothing exposed to snag or scratch.

As with all our stadium fences, our chain link fencing meets all safety regulations for height and load, ensuring compliance with building codes nationwide.

Advantages of Chain Link Stadium Fences

The benefits of Southern Bleacher chain link fences include:

  • Lowest overall cost – a cost-effective initial investment and no routine maintenance costs for the life of the fence.
  • Can be selectively used in combination with our vertical railing or even custom railing designs for an economical "blended" solution.
  • Available in natural galvanized finish or colored vinyl coating, including black, which reflects the least light and virtually "disappears" from view.

Choose Your Chain Link Finish: Galvanized or Vinyl

Southern Bleacher chain link stadium fences are available in either galvanized steel or a vinyl-coating finish:

  • Our galvanized steel chain link stadium fences are the most cost-effective of all our railing solutions, available in natural steel finish.
  • Our vinyl-coated chain link fences are a premium upgrade at minimal additional cost – more durable and available in various colors or black.

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