Southern Bleacher Construction & Design Process

Examples of On-Site Work:



On the surface, our process for getting you from an idea to a grandstand isn't anything unusual - all the stages you'd expect over five or six months for a typical project. Yet Southern Bleacher delivers a very different customer experience in and between each of those stages.

Here at Southern Bleacher Company, we encourage current customers and future customers to call us at any point in their design process. We are here to not only provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information but to also assist you in what is a multi-step process. With us guiding you along the way, expect a process that is pain-free and efficient with a team that is dedicated to your success.

When Potential Customers/Clients ‘Pick Up The Phone' to call (800) 433-0912 they can expect the following:

  • Greeted by a friendly receptionist
  • Directed to Regional Sales Executive who will begin to discuss your potential project in the following detail:

               - Establish the type of venue
               - Estimated Seat Counts
               - Available ‘building envelope' / space to work in
               - Site conditions / challenging factors
               - Preliminary Budgets
               - Set-up for an On-Site Regional Sales Consultation

Once these questions are answered, the Regional Sales Executive can begin to develop and design your dream venue. This is not the only communication you will have with a member of our team; we are available at all times to assist you with any concerns and/or questions. It is our job to make your dreams a reality... We look forward to working with you and your organization.

Failsafe Quality Checks

Because of our in-house aluminum inventory and steel fabrication and our system of quality checks as your project moves through each department at Southern Bleacher, you can be sure that everything we need to complete your job arrives on-site as planned - with an experienced crew ready to start.

The Best People and Technologies

When it comes to fabrication, we've spent more than 75 years refining our process and equipment, including developing custom machines that exist nowhere but Southern Bleacher, designed to our processes so we can pass on those efficiencies to you. Those systems and machines are run by skilled craftsmen and technicians with the highest industry certifications.

An Ally for Years to Come

But the quality that most distinguishes our process is the way we shepherd your project from start to finish with one expert who serves as your estimator, your planner, your project manager, and your single point of contact for years to come.

We don't have salesmen in the typical sense. Instead, we have a small team of highly skilled regional representatives who care for their customers from beginning to end. The same man who takes that first call from you also designs your stadium. He works with your board, your architect, and contractors and verifies quality at the end, checking that we got every detail right.

The way we see it, building or expanding bleachers is a complex undertaking that most people know little about. There are many opportunities to make poor choices, and mistakes can rack up serious costs. In that situation, you don't need a liaison to carry your messages to people who can help you. You need a trusted ally with answers and authority. Our process gives you exactly that.