Bleacher & Stadium Decking Systems from Southern Bleacher

When choosing a stadium decking system, we believe the best approach is to focus on project needs and allow these factors to guide you to the best solution.

Budget, of course, is always a factor, as is the spectators' comfort and experience. With decking systems, it's also important to consider climate factors such as rainfall and temperature swings.

Interlock 2000 Decking

Southern Bleacher pioneered interlocking, moisture-control decking in 1991. Updated in 2000, this fully-closed system is 64% stronger than welded decking, delivers the rigidity of concrete, and quickly drains water to channels below the treads, away from spectators and diverted to controlled drainage. Unlike welded decking, Interlock 2000+ holds planks securely in place without buckling or busted seams as temperatures shift. Learn More about Interlock 2000 Decking.

Tongue and Groove Decking

Our tongue and groove decking eliminates all gaps in risers and offers more space below seating for personal items. Full-length fittings give superior rigidity to walkways and aisles while allowing rainwater and spills to intermittently drain below the stadium. The system also allows the aluminum planks to expand and contract with climate changes without deformation. Learn More about Tongue and Groove Decking.

Full Plank Decking

Our full plank decking is the most cost-effective stadium decking, a semi-closed system with only a small space below seats to accommodate vertical support beams on which seats are mounted. The spacing is closed across aisles between benches, giving it a clean, finished look. Learn More about Full Plank Decking.

Welded Decking

Southern Bleacher completed its first welded decking stadium in 2001. While not as cost-effective or efficient in water management as the Interlock 2000+ system, welded decking systems can readily be installed for stadiums requiring them as a matter of project specifications. Learn More about Welded Decking.

Traction Finishes

While you're thinking about decking, learn more about our traction finishes on stadium treads.

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