Southern Bleacher On-Site Work

Example of On-Site Work (Time-Lapse): Newton Field in Graham, Texas


Example of On-Site Work (Time-Lapse): Trinity University - San Antonio, Texas


What to Know about the On-Site Phase of the Project 

In the on-site phase of your project, everything comes together. You have the confidence of knowing that your sales representative/project manager will be involved in each stage of the installation and knows the ins and outs of construction as well as any man on the crew.

Installing Your Support Structure

On-site work begins before we put up your stadium with ensuring a proper foundation, which varies depending on the support structure for your project. Southern Bleacher coordinates all the details with your architect, engineer and/or contractors to ensure all products are ready based on our project timeline.

Pre-drilled and coated materials arrive on dedicated trucks with our crews of traveling installers or one of our vetted and trusted regional subcontractors already on-site to unload. Our time-tested production systems ensure we deliver the materials as needed - on site, on schedule, and on budget.

Typically we begin installation that same day, starting with the steel support structure, which generally takes less than 25% of our total time on-site. Like a house, the frame goes up quickly, and finishing out the build takes more time.

Decking, Seating & Rails

With the support structure complete, a tremendous amount of detail goes into bolting deckingseats, and fencing onto the supports. It's a process we never rush because getting the details right makes the difference between an average stadium and a great stadium built to last.

At the end of the construction, we have our project manager, construction team or local representative walk the site checking that each detail meets our standards.  As a general rule, on-site work takes 10 days per 1,000 seats from the day your steel arrives to the day your project is complete, with all evidence of construction and assembly removed.

The Southern Bleacher Difference

We know the workers on-site are as important to our success as your project manager or anyone in our office. They reflect who we are, so we're careful to choose contractors who share our values and expertise. With more than 75 years under our belt, we know the companies to trust in every region - crews you'll be proud to have in front of the camera when local media zooms in.