Full Plank Stadium Decking System

Our full plank decking system delivers a safe and sturdy grandstand at the most cost-effective price. We call the system "semi-closed" because it's built with a small space (3.5 inches) for support beams from the stadium's under-structure, onto which seats are mounted.

This solution is 100% code-compliant and safe for all ages. As an added touch of safety and quality, Southern Bleacher full plank decking closes the 3.5-inch space along the full span of all aisles and steps, both giving the decking a more finished look and providing spectators with safe ambulatory routes to their seating.

Advantages of Southern Bleacher Full Plank Decking

  • The most cost-effective solution for stadium decking.
  • 100% compliant with safety and construction codes nationwide.
  • Safe and secure, with fully-closed aisles for a more finished look.

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