Leg Truss Support Structure

The leg truss stadium is a great solution between angle-frame bleachers and a permanent grandstand. Especially for a stadium in the 500- to 2,500-seat range, a leg truss system delivers unbeatable value.

Benefits of Leg Truss Stadium Support

Leg truss stadium advantages include:

  • The look and fan-experience of a permanent grandstand, with identical decking but a more cost-effective support structure
  • Reduced foundation needs compared to a permanent grandstand (typically thickened concrete slabs without the excavation and steel-reinforced foundation needed for a permanent grandstand foundation)
  • Considerable under-stadium space, suitable for walkways, fenced storage, Conex boxes, restrooms, concessions and other buildings designed around vertical supports every six feet
  • As with permanent grandstands, options for various decking systems and the option to customize the tread depth and riser height 

A Great Addition to Your Leg Truss Stadium

With its below-deck space, leg truss stadiums are a great solution for under-deck storage, buildings, etc.  Stadium graphics can also be added to the support structure.