Permanent Grandstands by Southern Bleacher

Recommended for venues of more than 300 seats, permanent grandstands offer the most robust stadium seating with the most options for customization and the most finished and spacious understructure, suitable even for buildings, such as locker rooms.

Our permanent grandstand support systems combine wide-flange steel (the diagonal supports also known as "rakers" or "stringers"), vertical supports on 18-foot centers and horizontal support beams.

Benefits of Permanent Grandstand Support

The advantages of a permanent grandstand include:

  • Specifically-designed foundation to accommodate any number of seats and potential future expansions
  • The most clean, "finished" and open understructure, ideal for secure storage buildings, concessions, restrooms, locker rooms or any other structure
  • As with leg truss stadiums, options for various decking systems and the option to customize the tread depth and riser height.