Tongue and Groove Stadium Decking

Our tongue and groove stadium decking gives a completely-closed, finish look throughout the stadium. With male and female configurations, the aluminum planks fit snugly together, leaving no opportunity for keys, phones or wallets to drop beneath the stadium.

Tongue and groove deck exampleAt the same time, tongue and groove stadium decking allows rain and spilled drinks to drain through the stadium rather than collecting on treads.

Our tongue and groove system delivers an excellent balance of value and quality: a step up from our full plank decking with many of the advantages of our Interlock 2000+ decking but at a lower cost.

Advantages of Tongue and Groove Stadium Decking

  • Male and female configurations mated along the full length of planks give walkways even more rigidity than our semi-closed system - a difference fans will feel as they walk through the stadium.
  • L-shaped mounting brackets take the place of the vertical beams in our full plank system, creating more space under seats for drinks, binoculars, backpacks, umbrellas and other personal items
  • All seat hardware is accessible from the deck side of the stadium - no need for under-structure ladders or boom trucks for routine annual maintenance like bolt-tightening
  • Aluminum expands and contracts as temperatures rise and fall, and no two planks respond alike; so while welded decking can buckle and even break at the seams as weather changes, our tongue and groove stadium decking lets planks shift smoothly and independently without compromising rigidity.

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