Welded Stadium Decking

Southern Bleacher completed its first welded stadium decking project in 2001, and we can easily deliver premium welded decking to meet your project requirements.

When considering a welded deck system, it's important to review three factors that can impact your stadium project.

Top-Side Water Collection

For projects in which the issue of having rainwater, spilled drinks and other moisture collect top-side is a minor consideration, welded stadium decking offers some re-routing of fluids.

Unlike the Interlock 2000+ system, which lets water drain through planks to a channel system below the decking, welded decking keeps fluids on the topside decking and cascades it forward to the front of the stadium.

Aluminum Expansion and Contraction

Welded stadium decking can also be an effective system in climates with minimal shifts in temperature from season to season. Because aluminum is highly responsive to temperature, even a change from 60 degrees to 90 degrees can cause planks to expand and contract.

Precision manufacturing and welds could mitigate these shifts if all planks responded uniformly. Since they don't, decking welded into one-piece tread panels may show weakness, deterioration or failure at welded seams if local temperatures rise and fall throughout or between seasons.

Relative Cost

For projects that potentially allow for other decking solutions, Southern Bleacher can gladly provide a welded stadium decking quote as well as alternate quotes based on tongue and groove and/or Interlock 2000+ decking.

In our experience, these decking systems offer huge savings without compromising any of the qualities for which customers may be interested in welded decking.

Both systems provide the safety and rigidity of welded stadium decking but without the issue of climate-driven buckling and busted seams that can arise with welded systems.

Interlock 2000+ also delivers superior water control, channeling moisture below the decking and away from spectators while still saving tens of thousands of dollars relative to welded decking.