Southern Bleacher Fabrication Process

During the second phase of your project, after you've approved drawings and specs, we break down your design into all its component parts for processing in Southern Bleacher's 160,000 square feet of fabrication shops.

Checked at Every Stage

By this stage, your project has passed multiple internal checks, with our CAD team double-checking designs and our reps checking their drawings in return. That quality check continues at every stage of fabrication as your job moves through departments.

Once materials are complete, everything is checked once more at load-in so by the time they arrive at your site, we've minimized delays due to missing or incorrect parts. 

In-House Control

Southern Bleacher controls your aluminum extrusions and fabricates 99.9% of your steel in house. For our customer, that means three advantages:

  • First, quality control - we know our people, our equipment and our suppliers, leaving nothing to chance in terms of poor machine maintenance, poorly trained employees or second-rate metal
  • Second, no delays - with control of aluminum and steel fabrication in-house, your project is never subject to unexpected lead times or delays from outsourcing
  • Third, cost efficiency - it's no secret that the more suppliers in a chain, the higher the price tag at the end; in-house steel fabrication, large inventories, and control of aluminum extrusions means no extra expenses bloating your bottom line.

Manufacturing machinery

Advanced Technology

Precision is critical in our business. Not only is it key to cost-efficiency (ensuring support members are properly pre-drilled before they arrive on site, for example), it's key to the safety of your students and spectators.

Southern Bleacher invests heavily in research, development, and testing to guarantee that our products are safe, that our builds are secure, and that we operate with efficiencies that ensure a great cost-to-value ratio. 

In fact, we have equipment and machines created strictly for Southern Bleacher that exist nowhere else in the country. Robotics and lasers are standard issue in our shop, not the stuff of science fiction. That said, our most advanced technology breaks for lunch, goes home at night, and draws a paycheck every week.

That means steelworkers certified by the American Institute of Steel Construction (Southern Bleacher led the industry in obtaining this difficult certification) and welders certified by both the American Welding Society and the Canadian Welding Bureau. It means employees who operate machinery could actually pull off the same work manually if asked. And it means your quality and safety are never left to computers without human judgment at the helm.