Aluminum Picnic Tables

There's a reason that park picnic tables are made of extruded aluminum - aluminum picnic tables are not only sturdy and strong, but they also last forever with almost zero maintenance.

Specializing in aluminum benches for bleachers and grandstands for more than 75 years has made Southern Bleacher an expert picnic table manufacturer along the way!

Clear-Anodized Aluminum Surfaces

Our aluminum picnic tables feature a clear anodized finish, allowing the natural aluminum color to show while providing a barrier that totally prevents staining from rainwater or spilled food and drink.

Anodizing electrochemically changes the outermost material of the aluminum, creating a finish that's structurally integrated with the metal in a way that never chips, cracks, peels or wears away.

Galvanized Steel Frames

While the eating and seating surfaces of our park picnic tables are anodized aluminum, the frames are indestructible galvanized steel. This ensures that your aluminum picnic table is mobile but stays anchored unless moved and can support as much weight as needed.

Custom-Length Aluminum Picnic Tables

Southern Bleacher park picnic tables are a minimum of six-feet in length and can be manufactured to any greater length you require.

Wholesale Picnic Tables

If your organization or city is seeking a number of aluminum picnic tables for parks, schools, or other settings, choose a picnic table manufacturer with experience managing projects on a grand(stand) scale!

Wholesale aluminum picnic tables include options for duplex painted frames, black or bronze anodized aluminum, or our enduring Dur-Kyn aluminum paint in any color you choose.

Backyard Picnic Tables

Of course, if all you're looking for is a picnic table for your backyard, we can help there, too.

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