Frequently Asked Questions

We're considering working with Southern Bleacher on a project. Could we visit to see how things are run?

Absolutely. We're very proud of our operations and our doors are always open to customers and anyone considering Southern Bleacher for their stadium project. Just give us a call, and we'll gladly set it up!

Can we build above buildings?

You can! In the design phase, we work with the architectural layout of any below-stadium buildings to ensure proper bleacher support and clearance.

Are your decking systems watertight?

Our Interlock 2000 decking system is highly water-resistant though not watertight. It allows water to quickly drain to built-in channels below deck that funnel water to planned drain or collection points.

Can you build a grandstand on a sloped site?

Yes! Our unique support structures allow us to adjust the height of support columns to accommodate your topography. Tell us your situation, and your sales representative can explain how we can solve the issue in your first call.

Are we required to use chain link fencing?

You're required to have guard railing for certain heights above ground. These railings can be chain link fence (galvanized or vinyl-coated, our aluminum vertical picket railing (the most appealing in terms of both look and strength compared to other standard manufactures) or a custom-designed railing system.

Can you add premium seats to an existing grandstand? For a reserved or special guests section?

You need at least 30 inches measuring from the front of one seat to the front of the next row of seats to add seating backrests. If this distance is at least 33-inches, we can install flip-down stadium chairs.

How can we give our grandstand some personality? Are there color options?

Our premium Dur-Kyn paint finish or standard powder coat paint lets you add custom color to your risers. We can also add character with vertical rail fencingcolored seatsstadium graphics, a front façade, and more!

Are we required to provide handicap access to a press box?

Per the International Building Code, handicap access isn't required if the press box is less than 500 square feet, which is standard for Southern Bleacher press boxes.

If we did want handicapped access to our press box, what's the best solution?

Elevator access is the premium choice. We can also furnish accessible stairways with inclined wheelchair lifts or wheelchair-accessible ramps.

Can we have usable space under our bleachers?

Yes, depending on which support structure you choose for your project.

How much lead time do I need for my project?

For permanent grandstands, from design through construction, a good rule of thumb would be 180 days. A simpler angle frame project can be designed and installed in less time.

What's the least expensive bleacher system?

Generally, if you have smaller seating requirements, your most cost-effective bleachers will be our angle frame systems, requiring only a level area with a concrete slab for support. For larger seating arenas, give us a call for a quick answer.

Do you offer portable bleachers? 

Portable bleachers are your typical tip and roll often found in gymnasiums. Although the term 'portable bleachers' is dated, today, angle frame bleachers are built out of crossbracing and are your most economical seats. We do not recommend moving these units once anchored as there is a chance hardware might become loose in transport.