Custom Grandstand and Stadium Railings

Southern Bleacher has worked with many architects over the years to fabricate and install custom stadium railings that give your stadium or grandstand a truly unique look.

From steel plates to wire-mesh panels, horizontal rods, integrated die-cut logos and emblems, steel aircraft cables and more - we can make your vision for custom railing a reality.

Advantages of Custom Stadium Railings with Southern Bleacher

The benefits of choosing Southern Bleacher for your custom railings include:

  • Experience: We can work with your architect to determine the best ways to integrate and attach your custom railings to our stadium structure.
  • Expertise: As a partner in your custom design, we bring to the table expertise factors that impact stadium railings, from safety codes to weight support and rainwater management.
  • Quality Control: Our in-house steel fabrication ensures total control over production of custom designs, ensuring stadium railings exact to specifications and guaranteed to integrate seamlessly with our stadium structures.
  • Flexibility: Custom sections of stadium railings can be used in combination with our vertical railing or chain link fencing for a high-impact but also cost-effective "blended" solution.

Vertical Rail Coatings & Finishes

See how to further customize the look of your custom stadium railings with our steel and aluminum finishes and coatings.