"Elite Seat" and "Elite Seat II" Stadium Bench Enhancement

Bench-style stadium seating offers your spectators and fans a fantastic viewing at every event for a cost-affordable price. The Southern Bleacher Elite Seat is an economical way to make stadium bench seating even more comfortable and fan-friendly, giving each spectator an individual space while stoking team spirit with bold color.

The Elite Seat is made from UV-protected plastic suitable for indoor or outdoor facilities, designed and blow-molded for both comfort and durability and mechanically fastened to your aluminum stadium bench seat. The Elite Seat II adds a separate blow-molded plastic piece mechanically fastened to the aluminum Elite backrest to provide comfort-shaped individual backrests.

You can add the Elite Seat and Elite Seat II to your existing stadium benches by themselves or enhance them with standard backrests.  When adding a backrest or Elite Seat II, your tread depth much be a minimum of 30".

The Elite Seat Stadium Seating at an indoor pool by Southern Bleacher

Elite Seat

The Southern Bleacher Elite Seat II features a curved backrest for each seat

Elite Seat II