SPS Terrace Load Span Tables

Sandwich Plate System (SPS) Terraces are a structural floor product comprised of two steel faceplates bonded together with a polyurethane elastomer core. Integrated steel perimeter bars and returning faceplates create a hermetically sealed assembly to whatever geometry is required in a Stadium Terrace. The terraces are generally bolted through the perimeter bars at the stool/raker support and interconnected between each terrace unit at the rise-rise plate junction, a characteristic that allows the system to create diaphragms to adequately resist in plane loading. SPS is an alternative to both stiffened steel (with low sound absorption properties) and precast concrete (with inherent heavy weights and possible downturns). SPS delivers a high stiffness to weight ratio with improved performance.

SPS achieves a thin profile and low weight by utilizing the elastomer core to transfer shear between each faceplate thereby preventing local buckling. Flexural strength and stiffness meet the project design requirements. This data sheet assists in the selection the SPS Terrace for different deflection criteria.

Generally, SPS Terrace plates are rectangular in plan but other shapes are possible (trapezoidal, curved edge etc).

Download Brochure with Summary of Benefits and Shipping, Fabrication and Constructability Notes

SPS example SPS example SPS example