Southern Bleacher Product Design

We understand it can be disruptive to work with one person throughout the RFP and sales process only to be passed off to someone new when you move into design. At Southern Bleacher, your salesman is your designer, just as he's your project manager through fabrication and the on-site build.

That continuity is only possible because of the unmatched expertise of our regional representatives - knowledge and experience that lets every one of them not just design your project customized to the requirements of your site but also adapt those designs in a flash if unforeseen issues arise.

Cost-Effective Problem Solving

Discover an underground bank of electrical lines at the last minute where you'd planned your foundation and supports? Or facing a ninth-hour change from the architect that totally could alter your entire project plan?

Because our reps deal with these challenges every day, they have design solutions top of mind. In fact, both of these examples are from recent experience. In the first case, our client was exploring moving the lines at a cost of about $150,000. We offered a simple solution for 80% less. In the second, we offered a $2,500 adjustment that averted tens of thousands in alternate plans.

Help from Call One

Bottom line, the first time and every time you contact Southern Bleacher, you've reached someone who can help, without the need to pull in an engineer (most of our reps are engineers) or seek solutions from an architect (we help architects solve problems all the time). Your representative has not only the experience to solve your challenges but also the authority to make those calls himself.