March 3, 2008

David Norman
Southern Bleacher 
P.O. Box 1
Graham, Texas 76450


Our first home baseball game was last night, everything looked super. We received a lot of positive feedback on the bleachers that your company provided. I would like to take this opportunity to personally express my appreciation for the work and coordination that you provided. As you are aware we have installed several different manufactures of bleachers in years past, this was the first time we have used your product. Once we got started and seen how everything was put together it was evident to us the attention to detail that was put into this small project. As this project moved forward I was calling on a daily basis for technical assistance as well as small issues with a couple missing parts and pieces. I especially appreciate the patience and courtesy that you and your staff have provided. 
We would like you to know that the baseball field at South Effingham High School was awarded field of the year by the Georgia Dug Out Club. We believe that with the addition of your bleachers adds the significance of this prestigious award and has helped to make this complex one of the nicest high school complex in the state.

Jim Anderson

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