Mr.Jim McCain
Southern Bleacher Company, TX

Dear Mr. McCain

I am writing to express my appreciation along with over 400 facility leaders throughout the country
for the outstanding webcast presentation that you along with Mark Beaulieu (Hussey Seating), Bill
Kolster (VA), and JohnDufay (NM) recently delivered on the topic of Improving Bleacher and
Grandstand Safety: Tips for Reducing Risks. The Facility Masters Webcast Series is provided at
no charge to school facility leaders throughout the country.

On August 28, you, Bill, and John delivered an extremely interesting and informative webcast
describing best practices and processes for managing indoor bleachers and outdoor seating through
regular inspections and timely repairs. This presentation enables facility leaders to do a more
effective job at maintaining a safe, clean and well-maintained environment while also managing
school resources that are provided by the public. And, as you know, all K-12 schools need to
continually find ways to meet student, staff and community expectations within fiscal constraints.

From my perspective, it is evident that you and the Southern Bleacher Company are providing
significant leadership in assisting school facility leadership to manage school facilities and
implement best practices and processes.

I also wish to congratulate you and your organization for sharing successful practices with our
colleagues at the national level.
Respectfully yours,

Roger L. Young - Executive Director
Cc: Garrett Pettus