September 18,2012

Garrett Pettus
Southern Bleacher Co.
P.O. Box 1
Graham, TX76450

Dear Garrett:

Southern Bleacher did a major outdoor bleacher project for Gloucester County College during the
summer of 2012. Included in this project were new bleachers at our baseball field, softball field, soccer
field and tennis courts.

To say that we were extremely pleased with the work done on this project by Southern Bleacher would be
an understatement! The Southern Bleacher representatives led by Steve Treon and Jeff Dickinson were
very professional and our experience with them was outstanding. The job was done on time with great
attention to detail and looks fantastic.

There is not only a great improvement to the seating at our outdoor facilities, but there is also a tremendous new
"look" to all of them as well. The colored riser boards are a tremendous feature that enhances the look and
feel of each of our venues. I would recommend that anyone considering new outdoor bleachers include
the colored riser boards feature. The number of compliments we have received about our bleacher
upgrades has been tremendous and we appreciate Southern Bleacher's assistance in helping us make these
major improvements to our outdoor facilities.