October 30, 2007

Garrett Pettus
Southern Bleacher Company
P.O. Box One
Graham, TX 76450

Dear Mr. Pettus:

In 2006, the patrons of the Webb City School District approved a general obligation bond issue to partially fund multiple major projects within the district. One of those projects included the demolition and replacement of a thirteen hundred and forty (1,340) seat athletic stadium. When we went into this project we knew little about Southern Bleacher, who was to be a bidder on the project. Upon several site visits to look at various bleacher projects, the district opted to purchase a fort-one hundred (4,100) seat main grandstand system and a two hundred fifty-seven (257) seat bandstand from the Southern Bleacher Company. We made this decision, even though it was not the lowest bid, but because we believed it to be a quality system and their proposal most nearly met the objectives that we had asked to be addressed.

Though the construction was seemingly under siege due to the extremely wet weather we experienced during construction in the spring, the determination of the installers was not hampered. They worked in unbelievably adverse circumstances during the entire process. In spite of those obstacles the quality of the project is outstanding.

We were impressed the first day a representative of Southern Bleacher stepped on our property. On that final day of work we remained equally impressed with their professionalism and commitment to the excellence of the product they provided our district. 
On September 7, 2007, the facility hosted its first major crowd of over six thousand (6,000) spectators. Though some had to stand, our new grandstands accommodated many more than ever in the past. Our patrons, as well as those from visiting communities, are both pleased and impressed with the accommodations we now have.

It was our pleasure to work with such an outstanding company as we found the Southern Bleacher Company to be.

Ronald Lankford

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