BEDFORD, TX - June 18, 2010

What do Pat Summerall, Mike Kiselak, Raghib "Rocket" Ismail, Nancy Lieberman, Texas Legend's (Dallas Maverick's D-League) and Southern Bleacher have in common? They all came out to Bedford, Texas to help bring a run-down basketball court and field to life again for the community of the small Texas town. An overwhelming success and stunning turnaround, every one of Pat Summerall's SPORTS ANGELS had great time helping to make a difference.

SPORTS ANGELS will be a weekly hour long television show with the mandate of "kids, sports and communities in need first." It will become the latest and greatest concept of "feel good" reality television with a purpose and a strong list of take home information and messages for the viewers. Each week, Pat will create and lead a team of retired or off-season professional sports players on a mission to repair, renovate and restore sports (or sporting facilities) all over America. Big cities, small towns, and everything in between "if it's broke - they'll fix it..."

Pat rightfully believes "childhood obesity is at an all time high, yet things like an attractive soccer field, or a new basketball hoop are considered 'luxuries' in today's economy, especially in low income urban neighborhoods and communities who are facing the most severe cut backs." According to Pat, "Health isn't a luxury and we need to do whatever we can to get the next generation out of this danger zone and walking (and running) into a future of fun, health, and positive team work." Pat knows "when you build a state of the art gym - great benefits come with it such as like lower drug use, less crime, and life lessons that won't be forgotten." SPORTS ANGELS will be a new twist on Pat's "kid's first" sports and health theme and now the biggest names in athletics are ready each week to help get America's youth in shape, one field, one team and one kid at a time.

Said Southern Bleacher's Garrett Pettus, "We've had a long-term relationship with Pat Summerall, and when he asked us to be an integral part of SPORTS ANGELS inaugural event, we jumped at the opportunity. We, like Pat, believe in giving back to the communities we serve across the United States. The bleacher and picnic tables we donated today are but a small component to the overall success of this and other projects that Sports Angels champions."

Since 1946, Southern Bleacher has set the standard of excellence in design and manufacturing of sports stadiums and entertainment venues; they are the nation's largest stadium manufacturer. Southern Bleacher's comprehensive services include budget analysis, estimates, proposal drawings and specifications at no cost. Clients will benefit from their vast experience in addressing the myriad of building-code requirements, accessibility issues, safety requirements and lines of sight that fans will cheer about. Southern Bleacher's products grace soccer fields, college campuses, school districts, NASCAR tracks and rodeo arenas across the US.

From concept to reality, Southern Bleacher is customer driven works closely with planning committees and project architects to create facilities that are timeless and cost effective.

"We have made our mark in the industry by constantly finding new ways of addressing facility designs and seating systems required," Pettus said. "Solving our customers' needs, while providing superior and innovative products, has always been a top priority."

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