Intelligent Engineering (IE) is pleased to announce that Southern Bleacher Company Inc. of Graham, Texas will become a new strategic partner for SPS Stadiums in the USA. Southern Bleacher will add SPS Stadiums to their product portfolio for outdoor stadiums at high schools, colleges, and universities.

As a structural composite, SPS (Sandwich Plate System) is an excellent lightweight, long-span alternative to concrete and aluminum for stadium and indoor arena construction. With impressive structural, acoustic damping, safety and long-life performance, SPS Stadiums give Southern Bleacher a product complimentary to their current aluminum grandstand range that will compete directly against precast planks.

Commenting on the announcement Garrett Pettus, Vice President of Southern Bleacher said, "This is an exciting new opportunity for us. We have been very impressed with SPS Stadiums and are looking forward to offering it to our customers. Its addition to our portfolio offers our team the opportunity to expand our business into new areas."

CEO David Glover Intelligent Engineering added, "Southern Bleacher will offer customers a turn-key solution from design and foundations, right through to terrace, seat and handrail installation. We are delighted that Southern Bleacher is adding SPS terraces to their product range and look forward to continuing to build on our successful relationship."

SPS Stadiums are in service in high-profile venues around the globe ranging from San Jose Earthquakes' new Avaya Stadium in California; USTA's Flushing Meadow, Grandstand and Court 17 in New York; Georgia Tech Mississippi State Softball Stadium and the world's largest indoor arena in the Philippines.


SPS & SPS Stadiums
SPS Stadiums are prefabricated terracing or riser units used to create raked seating or standing platforms in stadia and arenas. They are manufactured from steel and SPS. The terraces can be manufactured to a range of tread widths, rise heights and long spans. Their performance is designed to match international stadium and building standards for structural strength and safety, audience comfort and seating unit support. They are delivered to site fully finished including necessary coatings and are erected using conventional steel erection practices. SPS Stadiums are available in thousands of colors to meet architectural design.

SPS is a patented structural steel composite material made up of two metal plates bonded with a polyurethane elastomer core.

Intelligent Engineering (IE)
IE invented and patented the Sandwich Plate System (SPS) and works closely with BASF and other partners to develop, prove and license diverse SPS applications.

Southern Bleacher Company Inc.
Since 1946, Southern Bleacher has set the standard for high school bleachers, college stadiums, fairgrounds, speedways and more. Fans in every U.S. state and Canada cheer from Southern Bleacher grandstands. With more than three million seats to our name in the past five years alone, no one comes close to our experience. Financially sound with no influence from investors, our customers rest easy knowing we'll be here for decades to come. By not outsourcing our aluminum or steel fabrication, we control both quality and schedule, and a veteran project manager is your single point of contact, your advisor and your ally, from your complimentary design through your stadium build and beyond.

For further information:
Intelligent Engineering Ltd
Shire House, West Common, Gerrards Cross, Bucks, SL9 7QN. UK
Georgina Kelly
P: +44 1753 890575

Southern Bleacher Company, Inc.
P.O. Box One | Graham, TX 76450
Sarah B. Lundgren 
Communications Director
P: +1 800.433.0912

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