High School Sports Bleachers

High schools are more important than ever in today's sporting world - the place where future baseballfootball, soccer and softball legends and other star players are first spotted by scouts and fans alike as having that something special.

More importantly, high school sports bleachers and stadiums are still some of the most important places where young people develop skills that will serve them their whole lives: teamwork, discipline, strategy, the importance of hard work and taking pride in what you do.

Taking pride in what we do is what's made Southern Bleacher the preferred builder for high school sports bleachers and stadiums for more than 60 years. From angle frame bleacherspress boxes and more - we never cut corners. We never give less than our best. And when we're on your team, you can bet we're playing to win. 

In this section, you'll see just a fraction of the hundreds of high school stadiums and sports bleachers we've built over the years, giving high school athletes places to play with pride, and giving their friends and families a place to cheer them on.

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